Day 1 of Covid 19 lockdown:What Can We Do at the Level 4?

Hello everyone, the alert level 4 has been applied from this midnight.

みなさん、こんにちは。今日から新型コロナウイルス に関する警戒システムが最高レベル「4」に設定されました。

Went for a walk in the morning of Day 1. @Viaduct harbor

What can we do at the level 4?


Stay at home

  • Everyone must now stay home, except those providing essential services.
  • Only make physical contact with those that you live with.
  • Gathering are cancelled including wedding and funeral




Food and Shopping

  • Supermarkets, dairies and pharmacies will remain open.
  •  Need to follow ‘one-in, one-out’ policy 
  • No takeaway delivery
  • Grocery food deliveries are allowed
  • Liquor stores will close, unless within a licensing trust area and will operate with a strict ‘one-in, one-out’ policy. Wine and beer will continue to be sold at supermarkets.


・スーパー、デイリー、薬局はオープン。しかし「一人入ったら、一人出る」というone-in, one-outのシステムに従わなければならない。もちろん列に並んでいる時も2メートル間隔を空ける。ちなみに買い物も原則一人で来るようにと、スーパーからメールが届きました。



Recreation and Exercise

  • You can go for a walk, run, or bike ride.
  • If you do, it must be solitary, or with those you live with.
  • However, if you are unwell, do NOT go outside.
  • People can exercise outdoors but must maintain a two metre distance from others.
  • Do not go hunting or hiking, and especially not on overnight trips.







  • Rubbish collection will continue.
  • NZ Post will deliver mail and courier drivers will continue to make deliveries.
  • Self-service laundries can stay open
  • Public transport, regional air travel and ferries are mostly restricted to those involved in essential services and freight. (Essential workers may be asked, while travelling, to show who they work for. So, where practical, you should carry some form of identification.)
  • Bank service and money exchange business are essencial




・出入国の規制(Air NZのサイトで日本行きの便検索かけてみたけど、全部予約不可になってた。乗り継ぎも主要経由地のオーストラリア、シンガポール、香港、台湾が全てトランジット不可になっているので、原則今は国を出ることも出来ません。)

・公共交通機関も医療従事者やスーパーなどのessential businessの従業員、車がなくて買い出しに行けない人の利用以外禁止(乗車の際に証明書を見せないといけません)




I summarized it according to the government online site and notifications from Auckland Transport and supermarkets. But there are much more specific information on the site. So please check if you need.

I personally appreciate that we can go for a walk, otherwise we will put a lot of weight during the period!😂


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